Statement of Purpose

This portfolio is the product of four years of teaching and enrollment in the Certificate of Accomplishment in Teaching program at NCSU.  In my first year, I taught lab sections for an introduction to economics (EC 205).  In my second year, I taught two sections of an introduction to macroeconomics (EC 202).  This was the first class I created independently, from selecting the book to writing lectures and exams.  I have gone on to teach several sections of Environmental Economics (ARE 336), Econometrics (EC 351), and a special topics course in Development Economics (EC 495) that I designed.  Through the CoAT program, I have learned several teaching techniques and have had the chance to reflect on and improve my own methods.  This portfolio is a sample of the work I have done in the past four years.

I have organized my portfolio to help you find relevant information about my teaching.  My Teaching Philosophy is a short document describing my goals in the classroom and how I meet them.  I have also provided Evidence of Teaching, which includes a description of courses I have taught and links to several Artifacts like lectures and worksheets I have used.  Finally, I have included Evidence of Learning, which contains brief descriptions of workshops I attended and a short reflection on what I have learned through my participation in CoAT.  This page also includes two essays I wrote synthesizing some of the material I learned and applied through CoAT.


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